July 7, 2021

Life has handed us some big challenges

Sorry I have been silent for so long. Life has handed us some big challenges and I have not had the energy to keep in touch.

Shortly after I posted the good news about Steve’s successful cancer treatments, he had a stroke. He was in the hospital for 10 days. He has miraculously recovered physically, but continues to struggle with severe aphasia. We have been going to speech therapy several times a week and he is making slow but constant progress. Although he has regained some vocabulary, he continues to struggle with writing or typing of words, and generally finding the words he needs to express things. My role as caregiver has been demanding but as time goes by, we are adjusting and life goes on. He has returned to driving and keeps busy with yard work and other home projects. But so far, he has not gone near the race motor or race car.

Hopefully we will eventually have the car back together, even if it is for car shows and exhibition. It was so much of Steve’s life before, I hope he can recover enough to work on it again. Only time will tell if we will race again.


Sue Christophersen